Paramesh Gunasekaran

Hands-on Architect ~ CTO's Secret Weapon

Hey! I'm Param, a multi-disciplinary architect & strategic technology advisory to C-suite executives!

I'm a Sydney, Australia based polyglot architect and technology leader with over 18 years of technology and experience in multiple industries including banking and finance, physical and cyber security, e-commerce, and gaming. I also have experience in technology paradigms not limited to SaaS, IoT and SCADA systems with a knack for product security through secure design and development.

I am passionate about creating business value from ideation to product delivery through strategic and pragmatic technology enablement. I have spent my entire career in the field of software in various roles from developer to architect and technical manager, and everything in between.



Bruno Lambla

CTO, Pacom Systems, Sydney, Australia

"Having worked with Param for the last 2 years, it has been a real pleasure. Param is a real problem solver whose passion is software. A fountain of up to date technical knowledge with remarkable ability. Param learns very quickly by digging into large complex existing systems and is able to come up with solutions to incumbent design issues. As his manager, I enjoyed the no bullshit answers that Param was able to give which helped me make the right decisions. Param is also a team player who cares about developing people and shows a strong technical leadership around his peers."

Travis Dixon

Architect, Temenos, Sydney, Australia

"He was highly competent in the areas he had experience in, and eager to increase his areas of expertise and try new technologies. In technical conversations it was obvious that Paramesh maintains his knowledge within the field of software engineering well beyond that required to do the work at hand, this is an extremely valuable asset. He was pro-active in starting discussion and carried out his work with enthusiasm and diligence to a high degree of quality. As a colleague he proved easy to get along with and it was a joy to have him as part of the team. If you have the opportunity to work with Paramesh in the future then you should consider yourself fortunate!"


Phillip Holly

Engineer, HSN, Tampa, USA

"I've worked closely with Paramesh for nearly 3 years now on multiple projects. Paramesh performed many roles from lead developer, to lead architect, to project manager on these projects. He is also the de facto subject matter expert on many if not all of them. While being a highly skilled application developer and project manager, is within the realm of solution architecture that I feel one can see his true skill an potential. Paramesh has a passion for creating solutions that not only meet the immediate requirements of a project, but which exceed them, providing scalability and flexibility that make future endeavors less painful. He has great vision and awareness, never working inside the box. Paramesh is a true professional who presence guarantees that whatever initiative he is part of will indeed be a success."