Research Projects

In this research paper (2004), a BPN is used for predicting fermentation parameters such as pH, temperature, time, agitation, aeration, substrate and product concentrations. In industries, fermentation are carried out in large reactors and samples are withdrawn at intervals and used to determine the parameters offline. The time for obtaining maximum product concentration may be determined after a series of evaluation of the parameters beyond the desired end point. Using BPN, under sufficiently trained situations, not only these end points can be predicted but also be used for the prediction of the initial parameters given the end point parameters.

Open-Source Projects

A working prototype for a stateful serverless aspnet api on aws using lamdba and dynamodb provisioned by terraform 

A working prototype for a serverless webassembly frontend spa ui using blazor on aws s3 provisioned by terraform 

A quick and demonstrable prototype for using Orleans and expressing its salient features such as clustering and storage. For the full presentation talk slides, visit https://go.paramg.com/orleans/presentation

Microservices reference implementation using Dapr with service-to-service invocation, state management, publish-subscribe pattern, resource bindings and triggers, actors, observability, secrets and configuration.

An opinionated prototype demonstration event-sourcing for a simulated chess board game.

A quick prototype implementation of a service mesh using istio on kubernetes cluster